How I Work

The ambiguity of language can be the source of its beauty.

In business, ambiguity often leads to confusion. And confusion, eh, can lead to many places.

I’d like to avoid confusion by making some things explicit about how I work. I was initially going to call them rules, but that seems so formal. And I’m not sure I’m at the point that I need rules. Guidelines, maybe?

Here are some guidelines about how I work.

When I work

I work Monday through Thursday and am available for meetings between 10am and 3pm.

I do not do any RAbbott Work web on the weekends.

The Best Way to Reach Me

Email is always the best way to reach me. Feel free to email me 24/7. Expect a response during business hours – Monday through Thursday 10am to 3pm.

If you’re a current client my email address.

If you’d like be a client schedule a call:

Schedule a Call


Meetings have taken up too much of my week. And they aren’t the most productive use of my time. If you’re paying me that means it’s not a great use of your money. Unless you’re hiring me for coaching or consulting. In that case, schedule a call.

Rules on Meetings:

  1. Never have a meeting when an email will do.
  2. Never have a meeting without having a stated agenda and outcome.


I take all federal holidays off. There are also some dates relevant for personal reasons that I don’t work. These are not listed anywhere.

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