I have a few side projects that I’m really excited about. I hesitate to call them side hustles because, well, I’m kind of hustled out. Sometimes I need to zone out. Sometimes that’s in my wood shop. Other times it’s on one of these.

Website Disco

Website Disco teaches you about websites.
Stop sweating at the keyboard so you can save it for the dance floor.

This is a website I built for my clients. I work with a lot of people with minimal website experience. And while websites play an important part in their business, it isn’t part of their day-to-day. Website Disco has several courses.

Basic Website Knowledge: A course that covers the basic terminology you’re going to encounter as a website owner or website manager. It covers information such as: What is a domain name? How does this relate to a registrar? What is a 404 page?
Basic WordPress Knowlege: This gives a tour of WordPress. You’ll start with the essentials – how do I login? How do I reset my password – and will cover everything you need to edit and update an existing site using the block editor in the latest version of WordPress.

I hope to make Website Disco open to the public sometime in 2023. The basic website knowledge course will most likely be free to the public. Eventually I hope to offer more in-depth courses available by subscription.

Regional Food Finder

Find food your neighbors grow.

I take my dad on drives in New Hampshire and Maine a lot. We’re often on backroads and we encounter so many small farms and markets that one wouldn’t find otherwise. I’ll respect those that prefer to stay off the beaten path and known only to those that travel it, but I wanted to create a platform for others that may want a higher profile.

Plus, good food, right? Grown locally? Yes, please.

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