Website Wellness Check

Are you frustrated with your website? Have you been told it’s “out of date” and you need a new one but, you’re not sure what that means?

Find out exactly what the status of your website is with my website audit. I get down and dirty with the server and your website so you know exactly where you stand and whether you need a new website or make better use of the one you have?

Website Rocket Launch

Let’s get you into a new website.

This is designed for people without an existing website or whose current website is just too far gone to salvage.

I take you through an accelerated process that will have you live in 4 weeks.

Website reTheme

You like the design of your current site, but are limited but what it can do.

I’ll build you a new WordPress site that’s an almost exact replica – aesthetically – as your current site but, with all of the capabilities of a brand new site taking advantage of all of the latest opportunities.

Client Advocate

You’re a small to medium sized organization and you feel like you don’t know what the agency across the table from you is saying. It’s all tech jargon and hand waving.

With me by your side I help you know what questions to ask so that you know if they people you’re about to hire are a good fit or should hit the road.

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