Website Wellness Check

Get Important Information About the Status and Health of Your Current Website

Who it is For

1. You have a new website and want do know if you need a new website or not.
2. You have a WordPress website and want to work with me. This gives both of us a complete picture of the health of your website and allows me to make recommendations based on your situation.
3. You suspect you can get more out of your website and want to know how. This is a GREAT place to be. Most people are not maximizing the value of their website. I’d love to show you how.
4. You’re a solopreneur, small non-profit or small company with a website.

Who it is Not For

1. You need responses within hours rather than a day or so sometimes.
2. You decide things by committee. I don’t have a ton of time. If every decision requires a big discussion and vote you’ll quickly fall off of my calendar. I understand that sometimes there are many stakeholders involved, but to health of the project you’ll be better served a team that can accommodate that.

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This isn't a sales call. Really. I don't want to convince anyone to work with me. I want you 100% convinced we're a good fit before we start. I want that too.

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